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A Personal Post Election Viewpoint

Several people had mentioned on another blog, how the President seemed broken, so here’s my response. President Obama has had to contend with the Tea Party, Blue Dog Democrats, fake progressives like Arianna Huffington, an inherited economy in shambles, super obstructive Republicans, Citizens United and democrats who expect him to perform miracles in spite of all that. And, somehow, he continues to be civil.
He’s also had to deal with a hostile media, blatant and subtle racism, more death threats than any president in the country’s history. And then, there are Democrats like a friend with whom I had a heated discussion yesterday, who feel that the president moved too fast and should have waited at least a couple years to advance some of his policies. Damned if he did or didn’t!
Should we not be supporting a man who may not be flying as fast as we’d like, but is at least trying hard, in the circumstance, to move the ball forward – inch by inch in the right direction?

If the President seems broken, it isn’t on account of Republican victories, but because of the lack of support and constant criticism from the left. I used to be an all or nothing liberal, but have since learned that within the system as it is, nothing can be achieved without compromise, and I see Obama as someone who is softening the ground for the future. If the public option were possible, I believe he would have gone full speed ahead, however, he was up against an entrenched corrupt system with members in both parties who were beholden to insurance companies.

Even with the more watered down version, we saw the loonies crawl out of the woodwork with guns, Nazi symbols, accusations of being the antichrist, socialist, communist, hitler, stalin, foreign born impostor in the White House. We saw how they were incited and encouraged by the Republican machinery.

During his campaign for the presidency, Barack Obama cautioned that change is a slow and difficult process and promised to do his best to work with Republicans. I guess people weren’t listening. I’m thankful that he has not allowed the perfect to be the enemy of the good. It’s amazing, really, how the corporatist media has convinced masses of people to vote against their personal interests.

The president has achieved a lot in his first two years, I will continue to support him and I invite all reasonable change makers to do the same. That’s my post election viewpoint, and I’m sticking with it!

Politifact: The Obameter: Tracking Obama’s Campaign Promises

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