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House Republicans Cannot Name Programs They Would Cut

Here we go…

A Personal Post Election Viewpoint

Several people had mentioned on another blog, how the President seemed broken, so here’s my response. President Obama has had to contend with the Tea Party, Blue Dog Democrats, fake progressives like Arianna Huffington, an inherited economy in shambles, super obstructive Republicans, Citizens United and democrats who expect him to perform miracles in spite of all that. And, somehow, he continues to be civil.
He’s also had to deal with a hostile media, blatant and subtle racism, more death threats than any president in the country’s history. And then, there are Democrats like a friend with whom I had a heated discussion yesterday, who feel that the president moved too fast and should have waited at least a couple years to advance some of his policies. Damned if he did or didn’t!
Should we not be supporting a man who may not be flying as fast as we’d like, but is at least trying hard, in the circumstance, to move the ball forward – inch by inch in the right direction?

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No Marijuana for California

Pot growers, prudes and alcoholics have ensured defeat for proposition 19 – the campaign to regulate control and tax marijuana in California.

California Marijuana

Los Angeles Times: Prop. 19 headed to defeat, exit polls show

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Trolle Siebenhaar – Sweet Dogs – Post Election Cleanse

Yuck, some frightening politicians are headed to Washington! Along with some extra strong sage, we’re listening to two excellent versions of Trolle Siebenhaar’s “Sweet Dogs” to cleanse the air! Where are the blue dogs sweet dogs when we need them?

First, a chill version

Then, a more upbeat version.

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Rachel Maddow – With Friends Like Evan Bayh

Rachel Maddow points out Evan Bayh’s contribution to the Democrats’ senate seat loss in Indiana. I say, good riddance to conservatives like Bayh who masquerade as democrats.

“It’s important also to know what just happened in Indiana,… Republicans had their first pickup in Indiana. Evan Bayh, probably the only Democrat who could’ve held that Senate seat right now. Evan Bayh knew that, resigned anyway, decided not to run again, held on to all his campaign money, and did not give any of that campaign money to any other Democrats in order for them to try and win their seats. And he is now essentially trying to reinvent himself as a pundit who talks smack about Democrats and how badly they are doing as a party and how that’s seen in the seats that they lose – one of which he gave away. So the Democrats are going to miss Evan Bayh’s Senate seat in Indiana – I cannot believe they are going to miss Evan Bayh.”

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Rachel Maddow – Last Words Before Elections

Rachel Maddow 111th Congress put policy before politics


I’m voting Republican because I like to get my head stomped on.

I’m Voting Republican is a satirical look at the likely outcome of another four years of Republican government. The not-so-subtle message behind the film is the importance of a united bloc of citizens willing to take the time and effort to vote Democrat in order to improve America’s domestic and foreign policy.


Meg Whitman: “Why I came to California”


I am not voting Republican on November 2nd because, I Remember!

Do you remember, or choose to forget? GOTV!