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Blackwaterdog – It’s the black man in the White House, stupid

At Daily Kos, Blackwaterdog calls it like she see it.

Hitler signs, Stalin signs – always amuses me how those ignorants can’t tell the difference – Fox News lies, smears and nastiness, racists emails, “Magic Negro”, all that started a long time before President Obama made even one move. Way before health care reform, and even before the stimulus – which not even one economist will argue that it didn’t prevent second depression and if anything was too small – it was all a growing reaction to the election of the first black president.

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User Annalize5 posted a related analysis by Janeane Garofalo.

Thanks again Blackwaterdog – yes, it’s the black man in the White house and the black man is space! We gotta dance off the negativity!

The War Recovery According to David S. Broder

David Broder - War is Peace
Glory Be! Washington Post’s David S. Broder seems to be insinuating that a war with Iran could pluck President Obama from impending doom into a successful presidency and a certain second term.

What else might affect the economy? The answer is obvious, but its implications are frightening. War and peace influence the economy.

Look back at FDR and the Great Depression. What finally resolved that economic crisis? World War II.

Here is where Obama is likely to prevail. With strong Republican support in Congress for challenging Iran’s ambition to become a nuclear power, he can spend much of 2011 and 2012 orchestrating a showdown with the mullahs. This will help him politically because the opposition party will be urging him on. And as tensions rise and we accelerate preparations for war, the economy will improve.

I am not suggesting, of course, that the president incite a war to get reelected. But the nation will rally around Obama because Iran is the greatest threat to the world in the young century. If he can confront this threat and contain Iran’s nuclear ambitions, he will have made the world safer and may be regarded as one of the most successful presidents in history.

Read more at WAPO

Dear Speak, the Hungarian rapper, please sing David some sanity! “Sometimes people make a war, don’t know what it’s for…” Check!

Karl Rove was Served with a Subpeona on October 24?

Interesting… according to the following video and this diary at Daily Kos, Karl Rove is about to get his just desserts.

Karl Rove was served a subpoena Sunday, Oct. 24th, 2010, as he arrived at the CBS studios to appear on “Face the Nation.” Upon his arrival, Rove was served a subpoena to give a deposition in a lawsuit that stems from the 2004 election in Ohio. Despite the fact that two news crews taped Rove being subpoenaed, neither CBS nor CNN have reported it or aired the footage.

I sat down with the attorneys who issued the subpoena, Clifford Arnebeck and Bob Firtrakis, and asked them how their suit reached this point and what Mr. Rove’s legal obligations are, considering he has strenuously avoided ever appearing under oath.

Filmed for the forthcoming documentary “PAY 2 PLAY: Democracy’s High Stakes” – http://pay2play.tv

It’s Blackwaterdog Diary Time at Daily Kos!

I feel good! It’s Blackwaterdog diary time! (see link below image)

Barack Obama Hug
Photo by AP

Click here for Blackwaterdog’s Diary at Kos


Michelle Obama: “There is so much at stake—this is about more than just politics”

First Lady Michelle Obama speaks to thousands in Columbus, Ohio, about the progress we’ve made and what’s at stake in the 2010 elections.

My children are the center of my world—and when I think about the issues facing our nation right now, I think about what that means for our girls, and the world that we’re leaving for them and all of our children. There is so much at stake—this is about more than just politics—it’s about whether or not we as a people can move forward through times of challenge, and cynicism, and frustration. And use the opportunity we’ve been given to build better communities and to build a better country.


Jon Stewart’s Powerful Closing Speech at the Rally For Sanity

Without ever mentioning the president, John Stewart’s powerful closing speech at the Rally to Restore Sanity/and or Fear made the case that Barack Obama has the right temperament for our system in its current state. The president understands all too well, sentiments on a terrific sign which stated, “Exaggerated hyperbole will sink important legislation.” In the end, sanity will prevail!

President Obama’s Weekly Address: Working Together on the Economy

Ahead of the elections, the President says no matter what happens both parties must work together to boost the economy, and expresses concern about statements to the contrary from Republican Leaders.

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release
October 30, 2010
Weekly Address: President Obama Calls on GOP Leadership to Put Aside Partisan Politics and Focus on Strengthening the Economy

WASHINGTON – In his weekly address, President Obama called the recent comments by the GOP leadership, which put scoring political points over solving the problems facing the country, “troubling,” and asked Democrats and Republicans to work together to move the country forward. Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s elections, leaders on both sides of the aisle owe it to the American people to put aside politics and work together on a number of issues that have traditionally had bipartisan support, like tax breaks for middle-class families and investing in infrastructure.

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Guardian: Barack Obama’s ratings are out of step with his achievements

Excerpt from article by Sasha Abramsky at the Guardian.

President Obama & Bo Obama by Pete Souza

President Obama & Bo Obama by Pete Souza

Bo Obama is one of the president’s greatest achievements!

Healthcare reform passed; financial regulations were enacted; large stimulus packages stopped the economy’s freefall and at least temporarily mitigated the worst effects of many state governments’ fiscal implosion; student loans were reformed, making it easier for low-income people to attain a college education; and at least some progress has been made on moving the country toward a less carbon-intensive economy. By most measures, the last two years have seen more major legislative changes than any two-year period since the 1930s. (The GOP base instinctually knows this, but that base doesn’t carry enough electoral clout to explain why the Democrats are in trouble in this election season.)

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West Wing Week: “The Mysterious Case of Mysterious Case 55″

Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Walk step by step with the President as he visits American Cord and Webbing, a thriving small business in Woodsocket, Rhode Island, calls into radio shows across the country, joins the Vice President in the East Room to mark Domestic Violence Awareness Month, goes on the Daily Show, congratulates American rescue workers who used their expertise to help free 33 Chilean Miners, and much more…
by Arun Chaudhary

President Obama at Las Vegas “Moving America Forward” Rally with Ralph Reid

President Obama spoke at the Moving America Forward rally on behalf of Senator Reid’s re-election campaign. Transcript below:

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release
October 22, 2010
Remarks by the President at Las Vegas “Moving America Forward” Rally
Orr Middle School Park

Las Vegas, Nevada

6:15 P.M. PDT

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Vegas! It is good to be back in Vegas. It is good to be back in Nevada. Oh, I am fired up. Are you fired up? (Applause.)

There are a couple of folks that I want to make mention of. First of all, Congresswoman Shelley Berkley is in the house. (Applause.) An outstanding freshman congresswoman, Dina Titus is here. (Applause.) Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford is in the house. (Applause.) Former governor Bob Miller is here. (Applause.) My dear friend, my senator from Illinois, Dick Durbin is here to help his partner Harry Reid. (Applause.)

And I want to say to all the folks from Orr school, thank you so much for your hospitality, and thanks to Principal George Leavens. Thank you. (Applause.)

I am happy to see all of you. (Applause.) And I have to say, for some reason, whenever I’m coming to Vegas, suddenly a whole bunch of folks on my staff want to come with me. I don’t know. (Laughter.) Suddenly there are no seats on Air Force One, it’s all crowded. (Laughter.) So I’ve already told them they’ve got to behave themselves a little bit while they’re here.

But the main reason I’m here, the main reason I need you fired up, is because in just 11 days, you have the chance to set the direction of this state and this country — not just for the next five years, not just for the next 10 years, but for the next several decades. (Applause.)

And if I’m going to be able to help middle-class families all across this country live out their dreams, then I want to have a partner in the United States Senate named Harry Reid. (Applause.)

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