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American Stories, American Solutions – Obama’s 30 Minute Ad

Visit http://www.BarackObama.com for more information.

Barack Obama Final Pitch

At this defining moment in our history, the question is not, ‘Are you better off than you were four years ago?’” Obama says in the ad. “We all know the answer to that.” Without mentioning McCain, the ad promotes Obama’s economic policies while saying that Obama will work to end “mindless partisanship” and “divisiveness.”

What’s your Obama Tax Cut?

Compare the tax cut you would receive under the Obama and McCain plans @ http://taxcut.barackobama.com

“Folk Music” by Judd Greenstein, performed by NOW Ensemble.

“It Gets Worse” Ad

“It Gets Worse” highlights that first we learned John McCain wanted to tax health care benefits to pay for part of his health care plan, and now the Wall Street Journal reports that McCain would pay for the rest of his plan by making “major reductions to Medicare and Medicaid,” eight hundred and eighty two billion from Medicare alone. We simply can’t afford John McCain. On the air…

“Floridians Hurting” Ad

On the air.

“Same Path” Ad

In “Same Path” Senator Obama tells America he knows we can steer ourselves out of this crisis, but not by driving down the very same path and how that’s what this election’s all about. Now airing.

Bad News

You control what you’ll see on election day.


“Zero” Ad

“Zero” highlights how many times McCain mentioned the middle class in the first Presidential Debate and features footage from that debate where Obama gave his thoughts on the fundamentals of the economy and explained how John McCain’s policies are just a continuation of the last eight years. On the air…

Barack’s Message for Hispanic Heritage Month

Barack’s Message for Hispanic Heritage Month

“Plan for Change” Ad

“Plan for Change” is a two-minute advertisement in which Senator Obama will speak directly to the nation on his view of the state of the economy and what he would do to fix it if he is elected president. On the air…