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President Obama Brings Christmas Cheer to Boys and Girls Club

President Obama reads from The Polar Express and talks about the meaning of Christmas as he delivers cookies to a Boys and Girls Club in Washington, DC. December 21, 2009. (Public

I’m An Obama Baby

Yes We Can! Obama Baby sings “I’m An Obama Baby” by The Solids.

Kids sing Obama Song in Paris

obama kids sing fun song on the pont des arts in paris (adapted by anna-maria and caroline… )

2 Year Old Boy Wants Obama For President

Seth knows exactly who should be our next president.

Obama Mania

Two year old Sean is Barack Obama’s biggest fan!

Be Smart. Vote Obama ’08

Regardless of your political persuasion, this is a universally appealing 30 sec clip. Watch a 5 yr old do the Obama countdown. She’s known the presidents since age 2, has formulated her choice from lots of her own ?’s and her own reading. She supports the troops (her uncle was in Iraq) but is opposed to the war. She wants lead free toys and a Purple Nation (idealistic, but hey, she is 5 yrs old.) But, her wants ARE possible – Obama ’08

Obama Baby

Campaigning never stops, even at the dinner table!

The Obama Baby for America

It’s time for a new President.
As seen on CNN and Best Week Ever.

Baby Kisses ‘Bama

Why do babies love Barack Obama?

Obama doesn’t have to kiss the babies… they kiss him!